CEPIC-Kongress Dublin 2010: Videos der Vorträge online

Mass Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

Speakers include :

  • Nathalie DOURY (France), General Manager of Parisienne de Photographie(www.parisenimages and Roger-Viollet), France, on digitization of photographic cultural assets.
  • Peter KROGH (USA), ASMP, on the project of the Library of Congress and the photographers’class action against Google in the USA.
  • Susan O’MALLEY Google on the Google Book Registry
  • Angela MURPHY (UK), The Image Business, on the European Digital Library and Europeana from a User’s perspective, a critical review.
  • Sylvie FODOR, CEPIC, on how picture libraries are affected, CEPIC’s position and work in 2010 as well as prospects in 2011.

Der Großteil es Kongresses:


CEPIC stands for the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage. Its goal is to be the centre of the picture industry. CEPIC was established in Berlin in 1993 as a European economic interest group (E.E.I.G) not for profit in accordance with the European Communities Regulation and registered in Paris in 1999. CEPIC has Observer Status at WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and is an Associate Member of I.P.T.C, the International Press Telecommunications Council. CEPIC represents over 1,000 picture sources in Europe with members from most different European countries.

Unter issues einiges zu Urheberrechtsfragen, verwaisten Werken etc. aus der Sicht von CEPIC:

Aus Deutschland ist http://www.bvpa.org/ Mitglied, aus Österreich sehe ich jetzt keine Mitgliedsorganisation.

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