Blick über die Grenze: TROVE – National Library of Australia

Ein Hinweis im Blog Lonewolflibrarian brachte mich dazu, nach längerer Zeit wieder einmal die Website der National Libarary of Australia anzusehen. Mit TROVE -bezeichnenderweise engl. für „Fund“ – wurde dort ein Suchmaschinenwerkzeug über alle Bestände gelegt. Die Suchergebnisse beeindrucken.

About Trove

Trove is a new discovery experience focused on Australia and Australians. It supplements what search engines provide. If you are researching in the fields of the social sciences, literature, local or family history, or need inspiration for your school assignment, then this is the tool for you.

For example if researching images relating to Edmund Barton, our first Prime Minister, results will include descriptions such as people, book, manuscript, map and newspaper articles. A researcher searching for information on Nellie Melba will be presented with a range of results including biographies, pictures, music, newspapers, books etc.

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